Torch is the 100th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. The only thing Chip has to do is walk the path to take the chips and then return to the exit (specifically the one next to the fire boots), making Torch one of the easiest levels in the set, and easy even by the designer Tyrethali Ansrath's standards. However, he can speed things up by a second by waiting four moves at some point between after collecting chip 6 and before collecting chip 13; this will save more time than it loses.

Lynx bold

Torch's bold time is faster in Lynx than in MS, because of the differences in how movement is programmed: Lynx attempts to begin moving objects every tick, or [1/4], thus providing quadruple the range as MS. This means that a monster trying to move onto a computer chip will be committed to being deflected by it after [1/4] instead of a full [1].

Therefore, Chip only has to wait [1/4] before he can safely collect this chip; this is first demonstrated if R [1/4] RU are the first moves, which are the ones that begin the Lynx bold route. In MS, Chip would not survive such an encounter even if he is using a spring step.

The bold time in Lynx is 347(-.90), counting the one-turn tickdown after exiting.


CCLP2 level 100 solution - 345 seconds

CCLP2 level 100 solution - 345 seconds

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