Traps II is the 40th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. It was created by Dave Borgman.

As with Traps I, Dave Borgman's original Traps Sokoban level, Chip must move blocks onto brown buttons to access the level's chip. This level, however, is much simpler than the original, with only the blocks and a fireball to worry about.

Move block 9, at the start, onto its button, then move to the "pyramid" on the left and play its top into the bottom of the "9" section to the north. Continue by thrusting block 3 3R, then block 7 2U 5R, and then shove block 4 R to prepare for a combination: Load the 9 with block 7 and push block 4 2D on the way back down.

For another run, move block 3 U 3R, block 2 2R, blocks 5 and 6 to the buttons above, and then run block 2 to the far east. Combine blocks 3 and 2, then move block 8 onto the button to finish the traps, pick up the chip, and open the socket. Dodge the fireball with ULU, then return to the exit.


  • In the original Lynx version of Chip's Challenge 1, completing Floorgasborg gave Chip the fourth and last "lost Decade Message", which says "Chip reads the hint so he won't lose". This was a reference to level 41, I.C. You, where reading the hint provides the directions from which the teleporters have to be walked through to avoid cooking the level. Very intriguingly, the level that follows Traps II, Ladder Needs a Wash, also provides a hint that helps Chip solve it, which makes the lost decade message fitting for CCLP2 as well.


CCLP2 level 40 solution - 249 seconds

CCLP2 level 40 solution - 249 seconds

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