Up the Block is the 83rd level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level is not difficult to complete, aside from a tricky beginning section that raises the rating significantly.

Move the block around as directed, then stick it into the glider room, and after catching each glider move the block L to get ready for the next one. Stop the block just before the gravel and shove the block D 2L, which will catch all the gliders and send them into the bombs. Follow this with the block in turn to access the southeast area, collect the chips in the room to the left, and then the chips on the far right (not the ones near Chip) and at the very top of the section.

Now, use the second block in a very similar manner: deflect four of the gliders to the west, which will free the chips and also open a fast shortcut to the south. Take these chips, then the ones left behind, and scram to the exit in the northwest corner.


Chip's Challenge 1 level 83 solution - 297 seconds

Chip's Challenge 1 level 83 solution - 297 seconds

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