I started playing CC1 when I was 9 (I am now 18) and have completed all 149 levels (33 bolds) with a score of 5956330 points (55th in the world) as of 16 June 2010. Having achieved my goal of 5950000 points, my next goals are 5960000 points and a top-50 rank by April 2011 (I rarely have the time to play much).

My times on level 73 (over 450 seconds off the bold!), 45 and 80 (each over 100 seconds off the bold) really need work. My times for another ten levels are over 50 seconds off the bold. Perhaps I should also go for 40 bolds.

I do not play CCLP2 or custom level sets because many levels have invalid tile combinations. In my (limited) spare time, I design a custom level set where all levels are valid. May release the levels in future.

Chip's Challenge is great fun! I hope to contribute more to this wiki.

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