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So I joined this wiki in 2009 and always intended to update this profile and tell everyone everything about me. It's now the end of 2013 and I haven't gotten around to doing that. I guess that tells you something about me.

Ok, so maybe I'll try to add some actual information about myself too :-) I also have a profile at CC Zone.

  • My name is Miika. I'm from Finland. I have a wife and two kids.
  • I like math. I can juggle. I have a bunch of comics. I go to church.
  • I was introduced to CC in the 90's but started playing more some years ago.
  • I like many aspects of CC, like casual playing, optimizing, making levels, and even interacting with others.
  • My current scores on CC1, CCLP2, and CCLP3 rank me as 32nd, 18th, and 6th, but I plan on improving those to at least 19th, 9th, and 4th, respectively. I hope to have 300+ bolds.
  • I also play quite a bit in Lynx. I enjoy comparing routes between MS and Lynx.
  • Am eager to see what CCLP1 will be like, but I might not be so involved in the competitive side there.
  • I want to have more time to make more levels eventually.
  • I plan on playing CC for years and years to come. :-)

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