The simplicity of CC lends itself to be a feature of newpapers. The adjustment newpapers are making from print to online media makes CC ideal for Sunday puzzle supplements in online versions. The problem is the copyright to the name. Chuck Sommerville was handcuffed for years (and still is) by the current rights owner. The current rights owner is something I have tried to look up, but there is no name I could find even on Chuck Sommerville's site. My first guess would be Microsoft, but I tend to rule them out because although they licensed CC1 for the Windows entertainment pack back in the 1990s (which is still of course the current and most popular format), they would have advanced Chip far beyond the form that remains today. So my guess is that it remains in the hands of System 3, a company who took over the assets of EPYX when they went bankrupt. If anyone can point me to the document that correctly identfies the company I would be interested to know.

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