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Warwick Anderson is the 11th highest scorer in CC1 and the 8th highest scorer in CCLP2, and is one of the keepers of the CC1 scores.

Notably, Warwick Anderson displays a talent for very challenging routes, in particular block pushing routes, such as Writers Block, Cityblock, Oracle I, Yet Another Puzzle, Turn Turn Turn, Time Bomb, Switch Hit, and Oracle II.

Warwick was one of the very first AVI recorders, and hundreds of his AVIs still exist today. In CC1 alone, Mike L.'s site holds 101 of Warwick's AVIs. With current recording software including ChipCap, these AVIs are in comparison jerky and difficult to read, and also with missing tenths. This can be noticable on fast timing levels, although these are not common types of levels where Warwick works on their routes.

For famous accomplishments, Warwick is better known in CC1 history rather than CCLP2, as his most well known CC1 accomplishment is the busted route to Monster Lab. Levels such as Checkerboard I, Checkerboard II and Turn Turn Turn are where Warwick put in some of his more famous CCLP2 work.

As far as his personal life, little information is known other than his residence in New Zealand. Warwick's personal Chip's Challenge history can be read at Anne Olsen's website.